Tips for your Senior Session

Senior photos capture such an important time in your life and you want to make sure they are exactly what you’d hoped for! Here are some of my biggest tips for your senior session.

North Dakota Senior Photographer

If you landed here it’s probably because you are looking for a photographer to capture your senior session. My goal as your Senior Photographer is to give you some tips for your senior session to help you feel confident and make your session go smoothly.

Tip #1 – Choosing Your Photographer

When choosing your photographer, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you like the editing style of the photographer you’re choosing?
  • Does the photographer have reviews that align with what you are looking for?
  • Does anyone you know have previous experience with the photographer and you can ask them about their experience?

It’s important to find someone who can help you to feel comfortable during your session. Find a photographer who will help you create a vision for your photos but also give guidance on outfits and locations!

Tip #2 – Picking Locations

Choosing locations for your session can be one of the hardest parts for your session. Your photographer should have some great locations in mind, but it’s always a great idea to have some ideas of your own.

  • Choose locations that are meaningful to you.
  • If you’re in any activities, are you wanting images taken to highlight this? (The football field or school gym, or maybe you’re in band and want to use the school auditorium)
  • Choose locations that are not “too busy”. Clean backgrounds will help elevate the look of your photos.
  • If you dream it, it can happen! Don’t limit yourself to the same locations as everyone else in your senior class. If you have an idea, check with your photographer if they are willing to venture outside of Bismarck/Mandan.
  • Studio sessions are also a great option!

Tip #3 – Deciding What to Wear

Deciding what to wear doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips for clothing choices.

  • Wear something you’re comfortable in. If you can’t move freely in your clothing choice, you most likely will not like like how it looks in your photos.
  • For timeless photos, avoid large logos and loud patterns.
  • Make sure you can comfortably walk in the shoes you pick.
  • Adding hats, jewelry and other props can help your photos feel more unique.
  • Lay out your outfits a few days before your session. Don’t wait until the day of your session to decide what you’re going to wear.

Tip #4 – On Your Session Day

You want to feel comfortable and prepared for your session, so here are a few things to make sure that happens!

  • Bring a friend or family member with you to your session. It can really help you feel more at ease!
  • Keep moving, movement helps to keep your hands and mind busy and helps you to stop thinking about staring perfectly at the camera.
  • It’s okay to talk during your session. Don’t feel like you can’t ask questions, share ideas, etc.!
  • If your photographer sends you a questionnaire, be sure to fill it out! It helps them get to know you better, so they can create a fun, relaxed environment.
  • Make sure your makeup is done how you normally would do it. Do not try something new the day of your session unless you’ve tried it prior to your session.
  • Bring water! Summer and sometimes Fall sessions can get really hot. It’s best to stay hydrated prior to your session.

Tip #5 – What to Avoid

Sometimes what happens leading up to your session can affect your photos. Here are some things to avoid before your session.

  • If you’re going to get a spray tan, do not do it within 3 days of your session. Better yet, do a trial run a couple months before your session to ensure you like the way it looks. Sometimes spray tans can leave your skin looking very orange or spotty.
  • There is only so much editing you can do to fix bad tan lines or sunburns. Stay out of the sun leading up to your session just to be careful!
  • If you’re going to get your hair colored or cut before your session, also do this at least a week before your session. This will allow you time to get used to the new look.
  • If you wax your eyebrows, do not do it the day of the session.
  • Avoid dark-colored undergarments if your outfit is lighter in color.
  • Avoid too much glitter or lotion on your face. It can add shine that is difficult to remove. (Bring makeup powder for touch-ups if needed)
  • If you wear glasses, I recommend popping the lenses out of the frame to avoid glasses glare. (Don’t worry, I have experience with this from working at an eye clinic and photographing glasses models!)

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