Intimate Backyard Wedding

This intimate backyard wedding in Bismarck, ND was everything I love about love. In a world where large celebrations often take center stage, there’s a growing trend towards intimate gatherings that focus on love and connection. Two people choosing to say yes to each other with a hand full of their most cherished people. This day was simple. It was beautiful.

Bismarck Backyard Wedding

For some people, it can be a hard choice to surpass a large wedding with many people and an extravagant venue. For others it’s an easy choice.

Here are some benefits of having a backyard wedding.
– There are no venue costs.
– You can make it exactly what you want.
– It can be more intimate.
– There’s no rush to get to and from place to place.

Having an intimate backyard wedding can be a great option for some people.

Bismarck Wedding Photographer

I have to give a huge shout out to Bogie’s Blooms for the brides stunning bouquet. When I first met with the bride and she was telling me about her vision for the day, Shari, with Bogie’s Blooms immediately came to mind. Shari grows her own flowers in her backyard right here in Bismarck.

She grows unique, incredibly beautiful flowers. Shari is such a kind spirit with a big heart. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better through being a customer of hers. Knowing other vendors in town helps to grow trust within the industry. Shari also does floral preservation that is definitely worth checking out. You can see her work here. You can also follow her on Instagram @bogiesblooms and @bogiesandblooms

North Dakota Wedding Photographer

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